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SUKMA is the Indonesian word for SOUL or JIVA in Sanskrit. 

Sukma Yoga was founded in 2022 in Ubud, Bali. We offer Yoga Teacher Trainings (TT) with a focus on transformation and supporting students to meet their goals after completing the TT course. Through our courses, students will gain traditional yoga teachings of strength and stability, as well as theoretical and practical knowledge of asana positions, while incorporating native wisdom and traditional cultures from around Indonesia (Javanese, Balinese, Sundanese and more). We view yoga not only as a practice or exercise for the body, but also as a practice of life.

The path of Spirituality is a personal journey, the student determines his/her own path. Sukma Yoga promotes balance and equality between Teacher and Student by working with:

  • Teachers who feel called to offer service, not students serving the teacher.

  • Teachers who do not put themselves on a pedestal. 

  • Teachers who offer examples and choices, the student decides. 

  • Teachers who understand that teaching is a re-learning activity.

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Many aspects of Indonesian culture have the vocabulary and practice that is in line with the philosophy of yoga. Our founders have come from diverse parts of Indonesia, and united through a shared love of yoga practice and teaching. Early on, as students, they noticed that the classes and approach to yoga which was often used in the International yoga community in Bali was challenging to be accepted by Indonesian yoga students; much of the approach was catering to the Western student. The founders of Sukma Yoga came together to build a bridge of understanding – by translating the concepts, theory and vocabulary of yoga into a way of teaching that is familiar and easily understood by Indonesians, without losing its essence as a universal practice (one that can be done by anyone, with any body condition and anywhere). 

This method of teaching not only opened up the possibility to reach more Indonesian yoga students, through incorporating traditional wisdoms from around Indonesia, it has also created added value and interest for International students of yoga who want to find a deeper connection with Mother Bali and the wider Indonesian archipelago, the land on which they are studying. 

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If the Western perspective and knowledge is more standardized and scientific, the practice of yoga in Eastern culture and wisdom is based more on RASA (ESSENCE).

Not just Thoughts, but FEELING as well. Not only Mind and Body, but also PASSION and EMOTION. This is because the Wisdom that teachers receive in any form of training, moves from their sensitivity in feeling.

4-24/ June/ 2023

Through this training, students will explore and gain awareness that exist inside and outside themselves that are related to yoga: WISDOM, CULTURE, KNOWLEDGE.

Through this awareness, students can choose the path that they will take after training. By sharpening their intuition, they may discover the truths that exist inside and outside of themselves (both physical, psychological, intellectual, and emotional).

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Ubud, Bali

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Then how does it all come together in YOGA?

Because yoga is an activity for

Yoga is not just about harmonizing the limbs and movements, but also balancing knowledge, truth and intuition.

Sukma Yoga is a school that was initiated as a way for our teachers to express gratitude. The knowledge and intuition that have learnt on their own journey is now being offered in return to students who are about to embark on a new journey of learning.

Essence, Body Work, Life Behavior


The Teachers

Made Murni, 500h Registered Yoga Teacher shifted from completely rejecting yoga at first to 14 years of constant and intense yoga practice.

E-RYT 500 
Hatha, Vinyasa, Power.

Made Murni

Made Murni • Sukma Yoga 1.png

Made Murni shares her personal yoga journey, her fears, spiritual beliefs and wisdom as a Yoga Teacher to beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Murni has been working at Yoga Barn since its inception in 2007 and for the past 8 years, she's been teaching daily classes and running international workshops as a lead yoga teacher on various Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) faculties.

A dedicated practitioner, Murni is also a dedicated humanitarian. Alongside the co-founders of The Yoga Barn & the BaliSpirit Festival, Murni plays an active role as a volunteer teacher for the outreach & education programs aimed at Balinese Youth.

The most important aspect of a yoga practice is about self-acceptance, transformation and the embrace of freedom. Freedom of accepting our own bodies as they are; of respecting and loving it to the very core. Freedom of movement, not only physical, but also, and most poignantly the ability to free yourself from self-limiting mental beliefs. It offers freedom to change, to choose and to live according to our own truth.

Personifying ‘freedom to change’, Murni’s story indeed overcomes cultural expectations, and traditional roles of the female in Balinese society. Yoga has created freedom in her body, in her perspective on life, in her job prospects and her ability to rise to teach.

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“Murni prepares the mind and the body from the moment you step onto your mat, through the flow, and landing you effortlessly into the peak pose. She has a talent for making the yoga asanas accessible to new students and challenging advanced students all at the same time with her vast knowledge of anatomy, cueing, and years of experience. Studying with Murni is not just about learning the poses but how the practice enables students to live a better life on and off the mat. ”

— Jess K. Coup, US


Winé Pramiyanti

Wine • Yoga Barn bw_edited.png


Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Prenatal

Winé is passionate about making yoga accessible for all and creating intuitive classes. Dynamic as they are flowing, her classes integrate strength and flexibility with grace, and focus on awareness through all the senses, aligning knowledge, trust, and intuition.

Yoga has been part of her life for over a decade, as well as body movement, which is part of her daily practice. Teaching hatha, yin, restorative, yoga nidra, actively since 2018 and prenatal yoga since 2010. As women’s wellness became an area of focus since the birth of her children, in 2010 she founded and continues to lead Prenatal karma yoga for expectant mothers at Yayasan Bumi Sehat, a gentle birth center based in Ubud. This volunteering program directly supports the non-profit clinic. 

She is a certified yoga teacher (RYT-200) through the School of Sacred Arts in Bali, holds additional 100 hours certifications for yin and yoga nidra from Swara Yoga Academy in Thailand and also prenatal yoga from Yoga Leaf Bandung. She likes to spend time in nature, traveling, and dance salsa on her spare time.

Winé is originally from Bandung, West Java. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking from Institute of Technology Bandung. Since 2005 she has called Ubud home.

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"I have been studying yoga with Wine for over six years, since my first pregnancy. Besides the comfort and enjoyment these movements provided during pregnancy, it was a source of calm and strength to access these skills during the birth of my daughter. Wine is patient and gentle. In my classes with her I’ve been able to increase my flexibility and delve deeper into breathing exercises, working on both the body and the mind. I particularly enjoy her morning flow series, which always balances me at the start of the day."

— Lakota Moira, US


Sugeng “Madeira” Prasetyo



Vinyasa, Power, Capoeira

Sugeng Prasetyo, known as Madeira.


Madeira guides a fun class and supportive learning environment for all levels from beginner to advanced. His teaching techniques provide the students with the ultimate movement journey so that they can free themselves from their limitations.

Born into a healing family and community in Kediri, East Java, Indonesia, where the art of the ancient body wisdom was learnt from a young age. He spent his life studying many different disciplines from yoga to martial arts, capoeira, dance, movement, fitness and healing. All of which have been incorporated into developing his own unique teaching style and made him a devoted practitioner and teacher. 
The journey with capoeira began in 2000. After a lifetime passion in martial arts, he has been one of the instrumental pioneers at the forefront of the capoeira movement in Indonesia and bringing it to the public. Completing 500 hours YTT, with teaching experience as well as providing healing sessions for more than 20 years. Offering yoga, dance, and movement classes in public and private sessions, helping with bodywork, energetic realignment, mental and emotional support.
Madeira can easily be found on the dance floor as his passion in Afro and Latin dances, as well as offering lessons.

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"Madeira is really good at creating a safe space in which you feel so free to explore. His way of teaching is so playful and there is room for mistakes without judgement. You can try out what works for you and Madeira will be there to guide you in the right direction without forcing his way on you."

— Moi Van Soest, Netherland


Sheryl Sharaswhaty


Sheryl Sharaswhaty originally from Bogor in West Java, Indonesia, Sheryl moved to Bali in 2012.

Acro Yoga, Vinyasa, Thai Massage

Shortly after that, she started practicing yoga in Ubud, and during this process rediscovered the meditation and mantras her Indian grandfather taught her when she was young.

Since then her practice has continued to evolve. She spent two years learning Iyengar yoga, and later completed several trainings, including the One Song TT with Denise Payne & Bex Tyler, FlyHighYoga TT, Acro Yoga TT, Thai Massage and Expression of Yin TT with Carlos Romero and SOHA TT with Daniela Garza, including TCM and Mandala Vinyasa.

As Sheryl’s experience grew she started assisting teachers in yoga trainings too, and has been teaching both private and group yoga classes in Ubud and elsewhere since 2015. In 2019, she started teaching in-person and online teacher trainings.

Sheryl particularly loves vinyasa and mandala vinyasa, acroyoga and Thai massage. She loves to connect with people, and she continues to value the space that yoga creates to be present, sit still with herself, and dive deep into mind and breath.

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