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Yin & Yang Practice - Earth Element

Workshop series with Murni and Winé (Sukma Yoga)

Thursday, 29 December 2022
2 - 5 PM

How can my body adapt and adjust into different shapes as I move and as I become still?


Learn and discover a fundamental practice of movement and stillness through the earth element, focusing on the lower body and finding balance through the upper body.

Coming from the Yin and Yang symbol from Chinese origins, which represent duality, or two opposite characteristics can actually exist in harmony and complement each other. Exploring from feet and legs foundation in ‘Yang’ practice, through mobilizing the active aspect of the energy body to refresh the body’s alert vibrancy as well and the practice of movement carries over a mindful attitude from the yin practice which respects our limitations, avoiding the competition, and comparison.

Transition and easing into yin practice, focusing on two meridian lines, stomach and spleen which are mostly located on the lower body area. How can we rest the body itself from the movements and shift it into internal stimulation. Understanding as we move, we need to rest, and as we go and do things on a daily basis, we also need to be in the state of being. To practice listening and to be still for sometime to rewire the nervous system.


We will explore how movements and stillness could compliment each other to bring balance that begins from the physical aspect into the energetic aspect.

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